Management Innovation

The main success factor in this new knowledge and innovation society is the productive use of individuality and the creative problem solving by individuals. Global hypercompetition demands superior performance of companies and employees regarding innovation as well as performance and fast adaptability under permanently changing circumstances. The management system of the industrial revolution is unsuitable for this and not able to adapt successfully to these new conditions.


The management system and the management thinking of the industrial revolution have become an obstacle for our onset into the 21stcentury. The management system and the management thinking of the industrial revolution have to be replaced.


Many pioneering companies and organizations are forging new paths for management and are preparing their companies for the 21st century. The approaches used by these companies are currently inventions, but not innovations, since they have not yet been taken over into the mainstream of management.


Our goal is to motivate you to rethink management and to help you transform your ideas into actions.


Reaching a more productive work environment is not our only ambition; we aim for companies that inspire people to bring their passion and full creative potential to the workplace. Companies that promote human vitality and potential and create products and services, that are not only useful for people, but excite them. Companies that contribute with all their resources to the goal of successfully overcoming the challenges of the 21st century.


An ambitious vision that deserves our effort.

The Benefits of Management Innovation

A detailed study of the London Business School shows that companies that are more successful in putting management tasks into practice than their competitors (Management Innovation) have a competitive advantage.


Strategy expert Gary Hamel says: “There seems to be no other factor [than innovation management] that contributes more to a competitive position on a long-term basis.” Hamel continues with the comparison of Management Innovation with other forms of innovation: „All these forms of innovation contribute to success, but if we take into consideration their contribution to added value and the defense of the competitive advantage, it will show that innovation management is in top position of this hierarchy.“


These Management Innovator Companies have found new ways of implementing key management tasks and of implementing them into practice with energy and persistence. Many of those ways and approaches seemed to be revolutionary or impossible at the time of their launch. The capability of these pioneering companies to have an unbiased approach towards the new, without letting themselves being knocked off course by sceptics, but instead letting the facts and results of the new ways and approaches speak for themselves, have resulted in a massive competitive advantage for them.